NYL Cabinet
Becca Tobe
National Young Leadership Cabinet Chair

Why do you think it’s important to give to the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh?

Because Pittsburgh Jews and Jewry around the world are one, big family and it’s important to take care of each member of our family to ensure a meaningful Jewish journey and provide for those who can’t provide for themselves.

If you could invite any famous Jewish person to your Shabbat table, who would it be (living or deceased)?

Elka Abramson – she is the most riveting speaker on Jewish issues I’ve seen and I imagine that she would lead a great dinner and conversation.

Have any special talents?

I used to be in a women’s a cappella group and State Choirs.

National Young Leadership CabinetYAD Leadership Development

The National Young Leadership Cabinet of the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) is a select group of men and women actively engaged in shaping the future of the Jewish community in North America, Israel and throughout the world. A dynamic force for change, the Cabinet is made up of individuals who are distinguished by their volunteer and financial contributions to Jewish communal life and their personal leadership qualities.

Cabinet members go on to become national Chairs, Federation leaders, political office holders and Jewish community activists. Cabinet members serve as role models, educators, and leaders in their own communities and on the national level, imparting Jewish values by encouraging a knowledge of the Jewish past and a concern for the Jewish future.

Cabinet members receive training in solicitation, Jewish education, Israel advocacy, and other skills vital for serving as effective Jewish communal leaders. We have an outstanding and growing group of Cabinet members in Pittsburgh and look forward to adding to it. This program is supported by the Young Adult Division of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh.

Upcoming NYLC Events

Upcoming Events

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