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Mauricio Feldman

Mauricio Feldman

Mauricio Feldman

Ben Gurion Society Co-Chair

Why are you involved with Young Adult Division and The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh?

I am involved because the role the Jewish Federation has in our community is critical. After having learned how it operates as the center and supporter of Jewish life in Pittsburgh, it became very important to me to become involved. Also because, being part of the community, I feel we should all play a role in it, and the Federation provides a great platform for this.

Why do you think it’s important to give to The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh?

Besides the fact that if we don’t take care of our community no one else will, I feel the Federation puts the resources we have to great use, where they are most impactful, supporting the community at large.

What’s your favorite Jewish holiday?

My favorite Jewish holiday is Pesach.

If you could eat one Jewish food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Israeli Schwarma (Pita or Lafa).

What is your most memorable Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh event?

I don’t have a most memorable event. I do however always have a general feeling of well being when attending events, volunteering, being there.

Who’s your favorite Jewish actor and actress?

Favorite actress: Melanie Laurent
Favorite actor: Larry David

If you could invite any famous Jewish person to your Shabbat table, who would it be (living or deceased)?

David Ben-Gurion (amongst many!)

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

I would be an Eagle, because you can fly, giving you a great overall view of the terrain from above, but can also see and pinpoint details from far away.

Mineos or Aiellos pizza?

Neither, Fioris is the best. 🙂

Name three of your favorite movies

  • The Godfather Part 2
  • PI
  • Nueve Reinas