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Randy Whitlatch

Randy Whitlatch

Randy Whitlatch

YAD Chair

Why are you involved with the Young Adult Division and the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh?

I’m involved with YAD and Federation because I’m only going to be as strong as the community around me. I’m part of a collective, a people. If they’re not strong, I can’t be strong. Moreover, my children and family can’t be strong. I can honestly say that I’ve gotten ten times more out of Federation than I’ve put in, whether it’s friends, clients, spiritual fulfillment, you name it. So, I am invested because the community sustains me and my family.

Why do you think it’s important to give to the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh?

I think it’s important to give because, as a people, if we don’t take care of ourselves, who will? Certainly, we must support and invest in secular government, whether state, federal, or local, and in the United States, we can feel reasonably confident the government will not turn on us as a people. But, our mishpacha across the globe might not be so lucky. I’ve been to Greece, Georgia, Turkey, and Poland. The Jewish Communities there need us. There will come a time when we need them I’m sure.

Have any special talents?

I do a mean Joe Pesci impression.